Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

How it works

All Metro Health Care’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a consumer-driven personal assistance program offered by Medicaid. The program allows people with disabilities and other medical conditions to gain more control over their personal assistance services. Family members (except for spouse and parents if the consumer is under 21 years of age) and friends can be the personal assistants.

All Metro Health Care processes personal assistant’s payroll on behalf of the consumer. In addition, an All Metro Health Care supervisor will periodically visit the consumer to evaluate the effectiveness of the services being provided by the personal assistant.

CDPAP enables consumers to:

  • recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise, and dismiss their personal assistant
  • hire as many personal assistants as required to accommodate their health and lifestyle needs
  • develop a working relationship with their personal assistant
  • receive assistance from All Metro Health Care to recruit and train personal assistants, service coverage, and personnel management
  • receive information on issues that impact individuals who receive home care

Enroll in CDPAP

To become a consumer of All Metro Health Care, contact one of our branch locations and a CDPAP Specialist will be in touch.